Our Approach

A New Kind Of Dog Care!

We want to make your fur babies feel right at home when they stay with us. D'z provides a safe, fun and clean environment for our furry friends. We routinely clean and pickup so your pups are always in a sanitary space to run and play. D'z will take your pup for an outside walk twice a day to soak in the sunshine, then return to our tail wagging play center for lots of indoor fun!

We are not your large corporate doggie day care or your small veterinary kennel. So you wont find that your baby needs to acclimate themselves to 100's of doggie personalities or be stuck in a small kennel all day while you are away.

With D'z Puppy Place your fur baby will be in a hands on and personal environment. There will be lots of playtime and petting mixed with a small number of doggies that can be monitored and controlled at all times.

D'z provides webcam monitoring so you can log in to check on your loved one for peace of mind.

Our Story

Meet the Team

As pet owners ourselves, we know its important to get to know some background on the team that will be taking care of your loved one. This is an emotional decision to leave your pets somewhere, let us introduce you to our team! We are a small group. Here is a little insight on who we are!



Joell Santiago


Joell began his love for cutting hair with humans!

A graduate of Aveda cosmetology college he decided to channel his energy into his first love,


Joell is certified in Dog First Aid and a graduate of Wag My Tail grooming school  certified in Canine Grooming.

His gentle hand and love for dogs assures your fur baby will always have a positive experience with their groomer and look fabulous!

diania 4

Diania Seely

Daycare Facilitator, Groomer and Doggie Caregiver  Extraordinaire

Diania Seely is the owner of D'z Puppy Place. Diania began this business after 3 decades in the the facilities and administrative field and retirement. A long time dream recognized, Diania is thrilled to be the face of D'z Puppy Place! D'z is proud to be a Christian based company that will always provide the highest level of care for your fur babies.

Diania is our Daycare Facilitator and Doggie Caregiver Extraordinaire! Spending lots of time with your pups to make sure they are fed, played with, hugged and loved all day and night while you are away! Certified in Dog First Aid and also a graduate of Wag My Tail grooming school with a certification in Canine Grooming.