Doggie Daycare/ Boarding

Daycare is a way to assure your loved one is learning to socialize with other dogs and have the opportunity to exercise and maintain a healthy heart and weight. Dogs that are active and stimulated during the day tend to be more relaxed and less destructive at night when its time to get some rest!

Our staff is onsite with your dog all day. Our facility allows for no more than 15 dogs per day, so your pet does not get lost in the crowd or experience anxiety from being around a large population of dogs with different personalities.

Daily walks outside (weather permitting) are given in the AM and PM to give opportunity for potty breaks. Exercise and play indoors all day. Our facility is a temperature controlled environment with constant play stations throughout and relief areas. You baby will not spend the day in a kennel. Our daycare facilitator is there to play ball, interact, supervise behavior from all dogs and  give hugs!

Our facility features FRP surface walls that are moisture-resistant and non-porous  creating a barrier that’s highly resistant to soil or bacteria on the panels, this assures your pups are not subjected to an unclean environment. Should an accident occur, it is cleaned immediately to prevent smell and unhealthy exposure to urine or solid matter.

Complimentary snacks that are completely preservative and additive free are baked daily to give your pet. We pride ourselves in our WOOF biscuits that are made ONSITE  from whole wheat flour, fresh pumpkin, peanut butter and egg.

Should your fur baby need medicine dispensed or hypoallergenic food, we will happily dispense this to them upon your instruction. Medications must be in original packaging.

Grooming / Spa Services

No matter what you are looking for we have a service package that’s just right for you!

Our bath and blow dry includes a blueberry facial and tear removal treatment, botanical bath and rich conditioning of the fur with a blow dry of the coat and brushing to give your pup a fresh look. Anal gland empty, ear cleaning and teeth brushed are included in this package free of charge!

Pawdicures include nail trim, buffing and pick your favorite pet friendly polish for a finishing touch to your diva dog.

FURminator de-shed shampoo, De-shed brushing and controlled air blow dry

Warm Towel Relaxation Rub – Your pup is placed on a relaxation table with warm towel and quiet time accompanied with all over petting session and treat.

We are here to make your loved ones day special, choose how you would like your furbaby to be pampered!


Overnight Boarding

We feature suites in three different sizes, climate controlled , elevated beds with extra soft blankets, soft music for relaxation, video monitoring, two 30 minute sessions of playtime per day, AM and PM potty breaks, meal and snack.

For a non-compatible pet due to medical conditions, old age, not spayed or neutered, in heat or just prefers to be alone we give individual one on one play time sessions.

Our facility is monitored 24/7 and a facilitator will check on your pet after hours daily to assure your loved one is tucked in and safe at the end of the day.

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